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Topics include ecology, evolutionary history, classification, biology, current scientific research, conservation and management issues and initiatives, items of interest for SCUBA divers - including how and where to take amazing sea snake photos like the one of the tongue-flicking sea-krait on this page - and links to many other websites.

This website is intended for you to enjoy becoming immersed in the fascinating and mysterious world of these marine reptiles. Hopefully you will discover wondrous things about their lives and develop a greater appreciation of these amazing creatures.

If you have any questions about sea snakes or have any information about sea snake sightings or other sea snake facts of interests please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are many misconceptions about sea snakes. Two of the most common are:

1. Sea snakes are a type of fish. This is not true. Sea snakes are air-breathing reptiles and are not eels. Eels are fish with gills, while sea snakes are true reptiles with lungs. Like all snakes they have forked tongues and body scales and they regularly shed their skins.

2. Sea snakes have very small mouths and can only bite you in the skin between your fingers. Again, this is not true. Most species of sea snakes have big heads and large mouths and can bite you on your forearm. There are some species with very small heads (microcephalic) and mouths, but most species encountered by SCUBA divers are not of this variety. The good news is that sea snakes are not very aggressive, so while they have the capacity to bite - they are unlikely to unless provoked. So it is important not to provoke them!


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